Welcome to my page!

I am a professor of computer science at the University of Geneva, head of the ALGO group. I am also affiliated with the LaBRI, University of Bordeaux, in the Combinatorics and Algorithms department.

Research interests: highly dynamic networks, temporal graph algorithms, computational complexity, distributed computing, and all kind of things interacting in a decentralized way (including security concerns).

Teaching (at Unige)

Recent talks

Recent and upcoming news

Main professional duties:

  • Head of the TEMPOGRAL ANR Project (2022-2027).
  • Editorial board member of Theoretical Computer Science - Track A (Since 2020)
  • Head of the Distributed Computing group at LaBRI (2021-2023)
  • Founder of the JBotSim project, a tool for fast prototyping of distributed algorithms in dynamic networks.
  • Member of the 27th section (computer science) of the French CNU (2019-2022).

Students and postdocs

Current / Past

  • Matteo DE FRANCESCO (PhD student at Unige),
    Graph algorithms and quantum computing.
  • Petra WOLF (Postdoc at LaBRI and Unige),
    Fixed-parameter tractability in temporal graphs.
  • Daniele CARNEVALE (PhD student at GSSI, L’Aquila)
    Spanners and labeling problems in temporal graphs (co-sup. Pierluigi Crescenzi and Gianlorenzo d’Angelo).
  • Agathe HOUZELOT (PhD student at LaBRI and IDEMIA)
    White-Box Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithms (co-sup. Christophe Giraud).
  • Timothée CORSINI (PhD student at LaBRI)
    Reachability problems in temporal graphs
  • Luiz F. AFRA BRITO (PhD’2023)
    Efficient data structures for querying dynamic graphs (co-sup. Marcelo Albertini and Bruno Travençolo).
  • Jason SCHOETERS (PhD’2021)
    Contributions to Temporal Graph Theory and Mobility-Related Problems.
  • Rémi LAPLACE (Postdoc 2018-20)
    The JBotSim library.
  • Yessin M. NEGGAZ (PhD’2016)
    Automatic Classification of Dynamic Graphs (co-sup. Serge Chaumette and Colette Johnen).
  • Matthieu BARJON (PhD’2016)
    Delay-tolerant groups in mobile swarms (co-sup. Serge Chaumette and Colette Johnen).
  • Benjamin DUHAMEL (BSc, ENS-Lyon, 2023), Writika SARKAR (BSc, CMI, Chennai, 2022), Neven VILLANI (BSc, ENS-Paris-Saclay, 2021), Valentin PASQUALE (BSc, ENS-Lyon, 2019), Kinda AL CHAHID (MSc, U.Bordeaux, 2018), Noël NADAL (BSc, ENS-Cachan, 2016), Robin DESPOUYS, (MSc, U.Bordeaux, 2013), Matthieu BARJON, (MSc, U.Bordeaux, 2013), Yessin M. NEGGAZ, (MSc, U.Bordeaux, 2013), Ahmed JEDDA, (MSc, U.Ottawa, 2010), David DEL CAMPO, (MSc, U.Bordeaux, 2006)


  • Lucile’s translation services, from English to French, and Spanish to French
  • A sample of my father’s work on sustainable development
  • My grand father, Claude Elliès, doing his own kind of research (lyrical abstraction)
  • Denis Magnol’s Cinexpo web page
  • If you or your kids have asthma: Teqoya (mine used to have, until we bought a Tip 9)
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